Throughout my life, I have played with the art of manifestation. Enough to prove to myself that it really does work. Universal laws really are there to serve us and I think it’s fantastic! The last couple weeks have been so good for me. The universe has been schooling me a lot. A new lesson has been assigned: “Learn to receive, Gabrielle.”

You can see in my last post I got to share about how I understand what I get to have and get to let go of. And since that post, I have been thrown into a loop of experiences to see just how much I really am willing to receive. It has been an exciting challenge.

In the mornings I have been doing a meditation and affirmation practice. My main focus has been removing blocks and opening the solar-plexus chakra. after my meditation, I decided to go into my backyard to eat breakfast and enjoy the sunshine. I was feeling so great. I had this meditation music playing on a blue-tooth speaker and decided it would be a good time to play with manifesting something I would like to experience.

So I made it simple. I set my intention and asked to see one butterfly, dragonfly, and bird..but with yellow on them. I picked yellow because of its association to solar-plexus.

Within 10 minutes a giant yellow butterfly passes next to me. I felt so giddy with excitement. But then came this guilt, followed by a string of thoughts such as ” I should just be grateful for this one butterfly and go inside. I could make myself more useful in the house. Why did I ask for so much and so specific? Who in the hell do I think I am?”I chose to change these thoughts and realize it was tied to an “upper limits” problem and got re-centered. I promised myself I would be open to receiving what I asked for.

I hear a humming noise coming from the side of my yard and see a giant yellow dragonfly coming just at the perfect time. At this point, I start laughing like a little kid. Out of nowhere follow TWO more YELLOW dragonflies! I swear under my breath as I think what are the odds? My little boy comes out to the yard and says he wants to bring mommy a flower. Guess what color it was? I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude and as I smell the little flower another large yellow butterfly comes fluttering past us.

At this point, I am feeling very satisfied. I wasn’t exactly sure how a yellow bird would come and I decided that it would be okay if it didn’t right then and there. Maybe it would come in another time and form during the day. I stand up to go into my house and I hear a chirping sound. I look over to the rock wall in our yard and see a yellow-bellied bird looking at me. I gasped at this point. I thank the little bird for its visit and it turns its head to the sky and takes flight…

Think this story is over? Oh no my friend its gets even better. Above my head are 14 yellow-bellied birds playing in the sky above my house. My eyes fill with tears of joy. Seriously? This is my life? This is what I get to attract? I thanked God and the universe and went back into the house to reflect on what I had just learned.

Here is how I get to receive the things I desire. I get really clear inside on my intention and what I want to co-create with the Universe/God. I say my intentions out loud. I open the invitation and commit to receive. I re-center if I lose my focus (I get to release any attachments that are distracting from my openness to receive.) I get to receive more than what I asked for because it always shows up that way. The universe supports me and it showers me with abundance. And last but not least I get to fully enjoy and embrace what I ask to receive.


I really want to make a video going into depth on this. I dont want to make my blog posts too long so I skip a lot of points I would like to make. Maybe some of you would be interested in seeing videos.

Thanks for reading!



One thought on “Receive

  1. You are amazing! 💕🦋 I seriously love you! I’ve been dipping my toes into intentionally manifesting for the first time since I was a kid! It’s been so amazing! I would love videos & posts!


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