Stepping into the sun


Ladies and gentlemen! I have officially tapped into my power! More specifically – solar plexus, belly loving power!! My energy levels have increased and I feel this wonderful burning fire in my belly. I know that my being is going through an integration process that I have been trying to access my. entire. life! And I am being in joy and loving every moment.

I had a wonderful family member of mine walk me through a grounding meditation and access a belief that I have been carrying since I was literally in the womb. That feeling and belief was that my existence was a burden to others. And I believed that in order to counterbalance that I had to spend my who life trying to take on the burdens of others!! This person was able to help me see the cost of holding onto this belief. How much I have suffered at my own hand.

Now I get to choose into a new belief and way of being. I get to own my power and how I show up. My existence does not take away from anyone else like I had thought. My being and contributions are of great value. I get to manifest the things I desire and enjoy them. I get to be safe and happy no matter what. I get to love me. And that is how I get to tap into serving others!

I can now look at my past that once confused me and have great clarity. How beautiful is it that life sends you all these experiences that are really little red flags to show you where you can show up for yourself and heal? How perfect life has shown up for me. This last year has been full of little signs everyday that I was going to be stepping into this new light in life. And I am fucking loving every moment. My body feels like it is re-booting. The world feels like a safer place. I get to be happy. I am so grateful. I know I am taking another step into my purpose. I feel it.

I am sure I will make a video or another post going deeper into this. For now I will keep it short because I committed myself to get it out there in some form.

Love and light to you all!



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